The best easy-to-grow veggies

The best easy-to-grow veggies

If you can dig a series of small holes in the dirt and occasionally water something, then you can grow Seedz Certified Organic Carrot Seeds.

With a packet of Seedz Certified Organic Carrot Seeds, you could grow enough carrots to feed a small army. Or at least, a large family. 

Growing carrots is easy: Once the ambient outdoor temperature stays above 50 degrees (the ideal temperature range is between 60 and 70 degrees), simply plant the seeds a half-inch under the soil and a half-inch apart from one another. Then water them lightly, just enough to keep the soil moist.

Just make sure you plant your carrot seeds where they will get plenty of sun.

If it seems like every seed is sprouting, consider thinning the ranks of the seedlings by cutting some of the sprouts at soil level so that the remaining sprouts are a few inches apart.

They will let you know when they are ready by poking a portion of the edible root (the orange part) above ground. Also, consider starting yours early, like I do, in planters under a grow light, then moving them to the soil once the outside temperature is right.

While growing carrots is easy, it does require the right soil. Good soil for carrots is free of rocks and roots and is rich in nutrients. For best results, use a raised planter bed or dig out some earth and turn it with a bag of nutrient-rich soil from a nursery or hardware store.

You carrots should be ready to pull and enjoy in about two months time, more or less.

Pros: Tasty and nutritious, easy to grow with little effort, large quantity of seeds

Cons: Requires specific soil conditions


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