My best flowering shrub

My best flowering shrub

Hydrangeas are robust plants that dazzle with huge, colorful blooms for more than three months out of the year, needing minimal maintenance.

I know this personally not because of the huge hydrangea in my front yard that comes back bigger and brighter every year, but because of the one in the back I forgot about and left fully untended for three seasons and that nevertheless, flowers just fine.

In the winter, this Zinfin Doll Hydrangea will go dormant, only to come roaring back to life in the springtime, sporting multiple large pink and white flowers.

After several years, a single hydrangea bush could grow to be as big as 8-feet across, filling your yard with welcome color.

Hydrangea blooms look great on the bush, of course, but they are also suitable as cut flowers arranged in a vase indoors. And with just a bit of trimming during the winter, these flowers will come back bigger and better each and every year.

A single hydrangea bush looks lovely on its own, but they can also be massed to make borders or clustered with other shrubs, trees, or flowers.

Pros: Ready to plant, huge colorful blooms, extended blooming season

Cons: Plant looks scraggly in the winter


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