5 Must-Have Gardening Tools

5 Must-Have Gardening Tools

You can’t grow greens without having the right gear. And sure, some are no-brainers (where would your garden be without a shovel? Or sturdy gloves?). But there are a handful of other tools you might not have thought of that will instantly raise your gardening game and make life so much easier.Play Video

1. Hand Rake

A rake, but make it mini. Hand rakes are a gardener’s go-to for turning topsoil, especially in smaller garden spaces . Along with removing small stones and weeds, a rake breaks up the soil and makes a soft bed prime for planting.

2. Trowel

A trowel is essentially a pointy little shovel, and the smallest spade you can find. Like a hand rake, it breaks up topsoil, but it’s also the best tool for shallow digging and can be used to remove weeds.

3. Weeder

If you’ve got a few weeds in your garden bed, you might be tempted to grab the tops with your hand and just yank ’em up. The problem is, that approach risks leaving all those roots behind in your soil.

A hand weeder is your best option for ridding yourself of these pesky invaders. Just insert the pronged head at the base of the plant and push the handle down, and the roots should pull right up. Easy peasy!

4. Bulb Planter

When planting bulbs, nailing the perfect depth is key. The foolproof way to always get it right? Use a bulb planter. This tool is the easiest and fastest way to plant your tulips, irises and other beautiful bulb-based blooms. Just push the tool into the soil, and you’ve got the perfect little hole.

5. Hand Pruner

Pruning is a must for keeping your plants healthy, and a hand pruner makes it quick work. The little blades are great for the regular deheading and shearing some plants require. You’ll also reach for your pruner when it’s time to pick fresh flowers for a gorgeous floral arrangement .

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